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Value Based Procurement

Posted on 02.12.2019

How innovative procurement can improve healthcare outcomes

In healthcare, the traditional role of procurement was to secure the availability of goods and services needed to deliver care. Once this was achieved, procurement moved one step up the ‘pyramid of procurement activities’: negotiating on product prices and discounts, in order to reduce spending on medical devices and consumables.  In recent years, things have […]

By Hans Bax Senior Advisor MEAT Value-Based Procurement

Value-Based Procurement blog series
Value Based Procurement

Posted on 31.10.2019

Value Based Procurement: A Supplier’s View

We have been talking a lot about Value-Based Procurement (VBP) from the buyer’s perspective. But what does VBP mean for us, suppliers, and what should we do to implement the concepts of VBP within our organisations? My view is that VBP is a key source of competitive advantage. I see Public Tenders as the sea […]

By Filippo Gabbia Independent Consultant and Lecturer


Posted on 03.10.2019

Training patients to engage in medtech R&D

The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) has trained dozens of patients to engage with companies and decision-makers on medicines development. Now it’s time to think about medtech. I am convinced that the days when experts and clinicians decided what patients want are long gone. Modern healthcare aspires to be patient-centred, while academics, policymakers and industry are […]

By Matthew May Programme Coordinator at EUPATI

Value Based Procurement

Posted on 16.09.2019

What do we need in our ‘value-based procurement’ toolbox?

It’s great that value-based procurement is being introduced into the healthcare procurement world, as I truly believe this is the way to tackle the challenges we face in healthcare today. Though, I do wonder whether we really understand the meaning of this approach and how we can use it in a way it contributes to […]

By Peter Dohmen Procurement Consultant Best Value Group, Netherlands


Posted on 29.07.2019

Local and regional authorities are central in the European debate on health

Since January 2018 I am working for EUREGHA – European Regional and local health authorities– a Brussels-based association representing the interest at EU level of 15 regions coming from 10 countries across Europe. This vibrant network made me positively discover how local and regional health authorities are becoming more and more interested and engaged in […]

By Valentina Polylas Operations Manager at EUREGHA


Posted on 24.07.2019

Interoperability unlocks the potential of digital health

Digital health has the potential to make healthcare better for patients and for healthcare professionals, as well as to accelerate the shift towards more efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering care. It promises to make healthcare better, safer, and more centred on the patient. Yet, despite this great potential, the people I speak to – […]

By Michael Strübin Director Digital Health at MedTech Europe

VBP blog series
Value Based Procurement

Posted on 24.06.2019

Can procurement deliver the ‘best value’ for money?

To my mind, the overarching challenge of modern healthcare systems is to increase the value and outcomes of care, not just to control costs. As someone keenly interested in procurement, this leads me to question what it all means for how health systems buy the technologies they need. In a competitive healthcare system, like the […]

By Hans Bax Senior Advisor MEAT Value-Based Procurement

VBP blog series
Value Based Procurement

Posted on 17.06.2019

Procurement is on a journey to a ‘value-based’ future

The essence of travelling, either by foot, train or plane, is replacing one’s existing location for another more desired or needed one. But why do we do it? Sometimes it’s the appeal of a new destination – perhaps a ski resort or a tropical island. On other occasions, the decision to move away is driven […]

By Hans Bax Senior Advisor MEAT Value-Based Procurement


Posted on 06.11.2018

Celebrating 30 years of ABHI

As ABHI celebrates its 30th anniversary today, Peter Ellingworth, Chief Executive of the association discusses the past, present and future.  1.  In the 30-year history of ABHI, what have been the biggest changes? Our industry has changed significantly over the last 30 years, from being simply product based, to delivering value-based service solutions and increasingly […]

By Peter Ellingworth Chief Executive of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI)