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Posted on 06.01.2020

Digital biomarkers are the future of precision medicine

Many are probably already familiar with “Biomarkers”. This is a term usually used to describe a molecule or gene that indicates a change in a person’s health or risk of disease. As technology take’s its innovative course in healthcare, Biomarkers are going digital.   Digital tools, such as smartphones, wearables and fitness trackers, continually collect health […]

By Sorin Stircu Regional MedTech Strategist at E*HealthLine - Europe Global Office


Posted on 03.10.2019

Training patients to engage in medtech R&D

The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) has trained dozens of patients to engage with companies and decision-makers on medicines development. Now it’s time to think about medtech. I am convinced that the days when experts and clinicians decided what patients want are long gone. Modern healthcare aspires to be patient-centred, while academics, policymakers and industry are […]

By Matthew May Programme Coordinator at EUPATI


Posted on 02.07.2019

From here to 2024: personalized medicine for an immediate future

State of play The aim of Europe’s policies and actions in public health is to improve and protect human health, and to support the modernisation of Europe’s health systems – which the EU sees both as improving the quality of its citizens’ lives, and as a contribution to goals involving growth and jobs. While the […]

By Denis Horgan Executive Director, European Alliance for Personalised Medicine

Chronic conditions

Posted on 28.05.2019

A day to act against obesity, “from blame to solution”

Last 18 May was European Obesity Day (EOD). For me, this was a day to reflect, learn and discuss with patients, healthcare professionals and policymakers possible solutions to tackle the obesity epidemic in Europe. As the most recent OECD report outlines, obesity has become a global and European epidemic with gloomy predictions for the future, […]

By Valeria Fagone Senior Director Government Affairs EMEA, Medtronic


Posted on 03.05.2019

Digital Therapeutics from the grass roots perspective

Jessica Shull will be a speaker at the MedTech Forum on 16/5. Find more about the programme here!  Due to the makeup of our household, I am privy to the daily activities of a gang of fourteen-year-old girls. They are all, to a one, surgically attached to their mobile phones. I’ve learned from them that they […]

By Jessica Shull Strategic Adviser at the Digital Therapeutics Alliance


Posted on 26.04.2019

Digital health needs incentives

 I’ve always believed that you get what you pay for, and digital health is no exception.  Despite the promises of digital transformation to make healthcare services better, safer and more efficient, analogue healthcare services – visits to the doctor/hospital, therapies and drugs – have proved remarkably resilient.   The reason seems to me quite obvious: analogue […]

By Michael Strübin Director Digital Health at MedTech Europe

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Posted on 01.02.2019

Putting Health and Innovation at the heart of a European Social Contract

Given that the number of Europeans aged over 65 will double in the next 50 years, and the number of over 80 year olds will almost triple, it follows that keeping this age group in good health is a particular priority.  However, European healthcare systems are at a tipping point, driven by the increasing burden […]

By Jean-Luc Lemercier Corporate Vice President Edwards Lifesciences, EMEA, Canada, Latin America and JAPAC & Chair of the Cardiovascular Sector Group of MedTech Europe


Posted on 06.11.2018

Celebrating 30 years of ABHI

As ABHI celebrates its 30th anniversary today, Peter Ellingworth, Chief Executive of the association discusses the past, present and future.  1.  In the 30-year history of ABHI, what have been the biggest changes? Our industry has changed significantly over the last 30 years, from being simply product based, to delivering value-based service solutions and increasingly […]

By Peter Ellingworth Chief Executive of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI)

Chronic conditions

Posted on 06.06.2018

For kidney disease patients, treatment education and choice are key to better outcomes

This blog is part of the Early Diagnosis campaign #BeFirstEarly diagnosis and care can prevent illness from developing and slow disease progression. Lab tests, genetic tests, tests for chronic diseases and modern lab diagnostics can help facilitate earlier intervention and improves outcomes for patients and are increasingly valuable in informing treatment choice. Read the other blogs here: A […]

By Cristiano Franzi Senior Vice President & President Baxter EMEA