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Posted on 07.10.2016

Want happier, more productive employees? Embrace cooperation

Companies are facing growing complexity, declining productivity and a slump in employee satisfaction. Despite all the technological innovation around us in every industry there is a constant slowdown in productivity. The decline is so dramatic that we at BCG have been looking for the ‘hole’ which has been draining companies’ productivity. Before unravelling the mystery […]

By Yves Morieux Director, The Boston Consulting Group Institute for Organisation


Posted on 28.09.2016

Thinking in New Boxes: How to Bring Fundamental Change to Your Medtech Business

Shifting your perspective – and thinking in a ‘new box’ – can transform your company and create new opportunities for the future. Models, concepts and frameworks are – to use another phrase – mental boxes within which we comprehend the real world. And ever since the 1960s, we have been taught to be creative by […]

By Luc de Brabandere Fellow and Senior Advisor at Boston Consulting Group


Posted on 12.02.2016

Rethinking how medtech reaches customers

The medical technology sector is characterised by innovation. This is true not just of how technologies are developed and manufactured – it extends equally to how products are distributed. Having observed this sector for several years, I have seen a running battle between manufacturers and distributors for control of inpatient and outpatient distribution channels. The […]

By Dr. Andreas Silber Senior Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners, Division Life Sciences

Cyber security_MTV2

Posted on 09.09.2015

Protecting patients from cyber risks requires the medtech industry to move beyond compliance

Most of the dialogue on cyber risk focuses on the adversaries and the threats they pose, often highlighting their sophistication, resources, and connections to nation states and organised crime. These are serious threats to society and its citizens, leading to increasing regulatory pressure on organisations to enhance their security posture. While this is an important […]


Posted on 29.04.2015

What the ”take-off” of digital health will mean for the established healthcare industries

2015 has been predicted, by many commentators, as the year that digital health will officially ‘’take off’’ due to increased consumer-wide acceptance, a growing array of digitally enabled health applications and increased investment levels. All of these factors are contributing to the cause for more and more leading consumer brands to enter into the digital […]


Posted on 07.04.2015

The MedTech Industry and Startups: they NEED each other and should MEET each other

Europe is known for its excellent startup ecosystem. Moreover, the medtech industry in Europe is made up of 95% SMEs. If we want the innovation successes of past and present to continue well into the future, it is critical that the bigger medtech players, and the financial and investment ecosystem keep taking the pulse of European medtech startups.

By Serge Bernasconi Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe


Posted on 01.04.2015

The surprising truth about succeeding with innovation

What you can learn from Coloplast’s perspective-driven approach to innovation.
Coloplast, a long established leader in ostomy and continence care, was losing its competitive edge. Despite an endless stream of new products with ever more new features in the pipeline, they kept missing their sales targets. Coloplast found that its traditional market research was only leading them further astray: the research reported that there were thousands of possible problems to solve in ostomy care—some related to the issue of leakage—but it couldn’t offer any insight into which ones mattered the most to users and why. Management knew that they needed to have a clear answer to the company’s most fundamental question: what problems are we trying to solve?


Posted on 20.11.2014

Let’s talk about the present and future of Continuing Medical Education

You may have heard recently that the leadership of EDMA, Eucomed and MedTech Europe made some very important recommendations to their memberships about how to improve the EDMA and Eucomed Codes of Ethical Business Practice, which together we’ll ultimately refer to as the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

By Serge Bernasconi Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe

Business Ethics

Posted on 20.02.2014

Compliance fragments – the ever-shifting landscape

In 2008 Eucomed published its revised Code of Ethical Business Practice. We’re six years on now and we’re thinking about writing a new one. Why? Because so much has changed in the world of medtech compliance.

By Aline Lautenberg MedTech Europe, General Counsel - Director Legal & Compliance