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Posted on 24.07.2019

Interoperability unlocks the potential of digital health

Digital health has the potential to make healthcare better for patients and for healthcare professionals, as well as to accelerate the shift towards more efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering care. It promises to make healthcare better, safer, and more centred on the patient. Yet, despite this great potential, the people I speak to – […]

By Michael Strübin Director Digital Health at MedTech Europe


Posted on 13.05.2019

How to tap the full value of your digital solution

Looking at the Medtech industry and their IT solutions, it’s obvious that many companies underestimate the power of their digital solutions. With a deteriorating commercial climate, it’s more important than ever to fully capture the value of digital solutions and ensure they’re properly monetized – either directly or indirectly. But how should companies go about […]

By Dr. Michael Keller Senior Director


Posted on 13.05.2019

Are you ready to use data for good?

I’ve been working with the health system and data for decades. But when my own child developed diabetes – and I was subsequently diagnosed with the disease myself – the dysfunction of the health data ecosystem came into sharper focus than ever. On the one hand, there is a mountain of data. Citizens (those with […]

By Claus Nielsen Co-founder - Data for Good Foundation


Posted on 03.05.2019

Digital Therapeutics from the grass roots perspective

Jessica Shull will be a speaker at the MedTech Forum on 16/5. Find more about the programme here!  Due to the makeup of our household, I am privy to the daily activities of a gang of fourteen-year-old girls. They are all, to a one, surgically attached to their mobile phones. I’ve learned from them that they […]

By Jessica Shull Strategic Adviser at the Digital Therapeutics Alliance


Posted on 26.04.2019

Digital health needs incentives

 I’ve always believed that you get what you pay for, and digital health is no exception.  Despite the promises of digital transformation to make healthcare services better, safer and more efficient, analogue healthcare services – visits to the doctor/hospital, therapies and drugs – have proved remarkably resilient.   The reason seems to me quite obvious: analogue […]

By Michael Strübin Director Digital Health at MedTech Europe


Posted on 29.03.2019

Breaking health data siloes

The digital era is rapidly reshaping the ways we perform, receive and perceive healthcare. Health data are essential ingredient to trigger the digital revolution and all its opportunities to improve the quality of care. However, the health data remained often unused and their eco-system is very much fragmented. Patients’ data are siloed in different systems, […]

By Lucia Medori Chair of the Committee on Data for Healthy Societies European Health Parliament


Posted on 26.02.2019

New technologies allow decentralisation of clinical trials

Emerging technologies, innovative software and medical devices are revolutionising the healthcare industry. Decentralising clinical trial data is helping to unlock the full potential these tools by enabling people in different places to work securely on data without compromising patient privacy. One of the areas that I find most exciting is the use of predictive modelling […]

By Sorin Stircu Regional MedTech Strategist at E*HealthLine - Europe Global Office


Posted on 21.02.2019

Health literacy in the digital age

We live at a time when there is more information about health than ever before. And in this digital age there are more smartphones than doctors per person in Europe. Health information is out there in droves, and it is conveniently accessible online 24 hours a day. But can citizens find, understand, assess and apply […]

By Lauriane Harrington Vice Chair of the Committee for Health Literacy and Self-Care at the European Health Parliament

Artificial Intelligence

Posted on 06.06.2018

Artificial intelligence: The next revolution in healthcare?

At the turn of the century, healthcare companies were at the zenith of an ‘innovate-manufacture-sell’ business model. It was a good time to be in medical technology. European and American companies were leading the way. While for many companies, this model is still alive and well, those at the forefront of the AI and robotics […]

By Mark Lloyd Davies J&J Senior Director, Government Affairs & Policy Medical Devices EMEA Lead