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Posted on 13.05.2024

Supporting the wellbeing of healthcare professionals is vital to patient outcomes and system sustainability

Healthcare professionals are under pressure. Stress and fatigue were a growing concern long before the pandemic put burnout under the spotlight. Now, amid a shortage of nurses and significant mental health issues among healthcare staff, governments, health systems and hospitals are facing a human resources crisis. The medical technology sector can play a constructive role […]

By Judith Hargreaves VP Health Economics and Government Affairs at Mölnlycke Health Care

In your head

Posted on 29.10.2019

Fighting stroke together

Claiming a life every six seconds, it seems fair to say that stroke has reached epidemic proportions. In Europe alone, it accounts for 1.1 million deaths each year — that’s 10% of all deaths in men and 15% of all deaths in women. Today’s annual World Stroke Day is a poignant reminder to all of […]

By Veronica Altana CERENOVUS Lead, EMEA

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In your head

Posted on 29.10.2018

World Stroke Day: Fighting the Battle Against Blood Clots

The stroke industry is united by a common goal, to develop effective solutions and provide access to treatment which prevents people dying or living a life of dependency because of stroke. World Stroke Day today is a pertinent reminder as to why we work tirelessly, to develop these solutions and deliver the right care so […]

By Michael Gilvarry General Manager, CERENOVUS Neuro Technology Center