Sorin Stircu

Sorin Stircu, Regional MedTech Strategist at E*HealthLine, is on a mission to help MedTech/Healthcare companies build and grow profitable businesses with the help of A.I./M.L.-based Digital Ecosystems. He is trained in strategic & tactical planning and project management for the MedTech/Healthcare industry including product differentiation, positioning, life cycle management, and global market development. Sorin promotes innovative programs that capitalize on new analytic technologies for Digital Health to include: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, R&D, Smart Electronic Health Records, Population Health Management, ePrescribing, Point of Care Marketing, Patient and Physician Engagement and Clinical Decision Support. He helped companies build new digital strategies and switch from a B2C/B2B business model to a partner-partner business model with a huge return of investment in a highly competitive market.

According to the latest estimates of the WHO, 422 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide, and the number is growing steadily. As someone who is passionate about using eHealth to solve the biggest challenges in modern healthcare, diabetes stands out as one of the defining problems of our era. Managing diabetes well is essential to the wellbeing of millions of people, to the sustainability of our health systems, and to the long-term durability of our economies. The scale of the problem is immense but technology can help us rise to the challenge. Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI), facilitated by analytical predictive-diagnostics and revolutionary medical devices are transforming the way healthcare is delivered and managed throughout the world. Or, in other words, today’s computers can use patient data from multiple sources, including genomic sequencing and sensors, to diagnose disease, inform treatment decisions, and predict outcomes. It is my objective to bring the AI revolution to diabetes. When it comes to diabetes care, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can collect information from various devices to create personalized programmes that support medication adherence and blood glucose management. At my company, we have developed a Digital Connected Health Platform™ that works with all diabetes devices. Our goal is to facilitate the analysis of data so that we can help patients stay healthy, avoiding the severe complications that can accompany advanced or uncontrolled diabetes. The insights provided by systems such as ours allow physicians to consistently intervene with patients on a real-time basis, paving the way for a more dynamic kind of disease management. It enables the use of wearables, sensors, devices and home health monitoring systems to transmit data from a patient to their care providers. The system also delivers reminders to patients, prompting them to check their blood glucose levels, take their medication or...