Finding answers, exploring solutions – from diagnosis to cure

  • Posted on 11.05.2016

Finding answers, exploring solutions – from diagnosis to cure


Jürgen Schulze

President of Sysmex EMEA, EDMA President, Chairman of MedTech Europe Board


European MedTech Week, 13-17 June 2016

I am excited to see MedTech Week return for the second year. MedTech Week aims to bring people and organisations together to discuss and discover how medtech transforms people’s lives. Last year’s first European MedTech Week was a huge success: 40 events took place across 17 countries with 34 companies engaged. The online activity was particularly outstanding: there were 82,013 social impressions across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We are hoping for bigger and better this year and hope you will come on board with us in June.

This year’s theme, from diagnosis to cure, embraces how medical technology saves lives and improves health across the patient pathway. Moreover, our initiatives on the ground will be multi-regional and multi-faceted. We have a wide range of healthcare discussions planned, from conversations on sustainable systems and procurement in Sweden, to looking at awareness and understanding of medical technologies in Ireland.

These conversations, which aim to find answers and explore solutions, reflect today’s healthcare environment. Patients are increasingly moving towards greater self-management and empowerment when it comes to treatment choices and lifestyle changes. Simultaneously, healthcare systems are facing challenges and value-based financing is increasingly a focal point for health ministries.

Amidst all of these discussions and challenges, we cannot lose sight of the needs of patients and their families. I believe medical technologies play a crucial role in covering those needs: from devices and tests which support a new life in his or her first minutes, to technologies which enable assisted care in the community for older persons, medtech plays a role throughout people’s lives. Underpinning this is the value of diagnostics which can test and monitor thousands of conditions and infectious diseases, leading to faster and more effective live-saving treatment for millions.

But none of this can be possible without the people in healthcare – patients, professionals, carers and families. This year we will continue to communicate real-life experiences of patients from right across Europe. There will also be insights from a diverse range of professionals on how they view healthcare in Europe and the role of medtech in addressing modern day challenges. If you are interested in finding out more about MedTech Week, check out our website, connect via our social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn -, or contact Delphine Roulland at [email protected].  

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