What the ”take-off” of digital health will mean for the established healthcare industries

  • Posted on 29.04.2015

What the ”take-off” of digital health will mean for the established healthcare industries


2015 has been predicted, by many commentators, as the year that digital health will officially ‘’take off’’ due to increased consumer-wide acceptance, a growing array of digitally enabled health applications and increased investment levels. All of these factors are contributing to the cause for more and more leading consumer brands to enter into the digital health space, as product innovation and business growth opportunities present themselves accordingly.

The FT Digital Health SummitEurope is bringing together leaders from all parts of the healthcare industry to assess the uptake and advancement of healthcare’s digital transformation. With executive leaders from Janssen, Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim, GSK and Bayer all speaking at the event you will gain insight into how these pharma companies are prioritising their digital strategies. You will also be able to assess how digital innovations can be incorporated into the everyday doctor-patient relationship through a unique panel discussion exclusively involving Chief Medical Officers

Investment in this sector is of course critical for its success so a diverse panel involving speakers from investment banking, private equity and venture capital will discuss the opportunities as well as the risks in financing digital health. Alongside this, speakers from the likes of Genomics England, the NHS and the European Commission will analyse the regulatory challenges that along with investment formats, form the basis of success in digital health business models and consumer acceptance.

What can be done then?

Building on the Financial Times’ expertise and coverage of health, life science and digital business, theFT Digital Health Summit Europe will bring together stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem – payers, providers, technology, data and life science companies as well as financiers, to bring unique focus and insight into the commercial, economical and regulatory challenges that healthcare’s digital transformation faces when it looks to finally ‘’take off’.

-Charlie Hayward, Financial Times Live

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