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Health consumerism

Posted on 17.10.2014

Orange Healthcare’s take on how the consumerisation of care has an impact on the medtech industry

Mobile health solutions for collecting patient data via communicating medical devices are opening new possibilities for remote monitoring and management of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. At the same time, the ‘quantified self’ has gained increasing mass market appeal through the availability of personal, connected devices that can track human physical activity.  These are resulting […]

By Benjamin Sarda Director of Product Marketing

Wound care
Access Value

Posted on 03.04.2014

Wound care: an answer to the burden of chronic diseases?

When most people think about chronic conditions, certain disease areas come to mind – diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma, allergies…the list goes on.  However, it is unlikely that you think about chronic wounds as being part of that list.  Why is that?  Given that wounds impact 4 million Europeans per year (more than cancer and […]

By Ameer Ally Senior Director of Healthcare Economics and Reimbursement, Covidien


Posted on 16.06.2009

Treating Osteoarthritis: will new research lead to a “run” of success?

On Thursday 11 June, I attended, as part of the EULAR conference in Copenhagen – Europe’s largest conference on Rheumatology – the session “Structure modification in osteoarthritis: Time to update the guidelines”. What became really apparent was that rheumatologists from Europe and North-America are seriously concerned about the exponentially increasing prevalence and incidence of osteoarthritis […]

By Rosanna Tarricone Director Master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy