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Posted on 05.11.2013

Europe’s most vibrant startups are in medtech

Does Europe have a proper start-up culture? Are we doing enough for young professionals? According to Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, in her article for the World Economic Forum, we could do more to make Europe fertile ground for start-ups, and engage the youngest generation entering the workforce. As a young professional in Brussels well-acquainted with millennial woes, I was eminently interested in the views of an established and influential official at the European Union.

By Betina Kiefer Alonso EDMA, Content Strategist

mHealth tour

Posted on 14.08.2013

Why do the mHealth Grand Tour?

Why do the mHealth Grand Tour, I mean, I’ve never been a sporting cyclist (yes, I’ve commuted by bike for years but not a 100 miles a day) nor am I a huge Tour de France fan, neither do I have diabetes… and developing a rather numb posterior, day after day, seriously?

By Peter Montgomery Director of Partnerships - GSMA


Posted on 15.05.2013

The importance of diagnostics in steering Europe’s healthcare future

With its Contract for a Healthy Future,  the medical technology industry acknowledges its role and responsibility in maintaining high-quality, affordable healthcare in Europe despite an ageing population and constrained budgets. This industry commitment offers the much needed solutions to prove that innovation is not a cost driver but a facilitator for driving healthcare quality and efficiency in the future.  From personalized medicine to disease monitoring, the role of the diagnostics industry will be crucial in managing healthcare spending.

By Joerg Kruetten Executive Vice-President at Simon-Kucher & Partners and head of the Medtech competence center

Gluco dock
Digital Value

Posted on 09.11.2012

MedTech Beware: My Next Blood Glucose Monitor will be an iPhone

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I in December 1997 at the age of 19. I had just graduated from high school, moved to the city, started university and was in the middle of applying for Harvard and MIT scholarships. I thought personal computers and Microsoft Windows 95 uncool, had gone through my range of Ataris and C64s, and was proud owner of my first Apple Macintosh Performa – 56k modem and all. And my first, brick-like cellphone was soon to be exchanged for Nokia’s 7622, one of the first mobile phones with WAP technology: Internet on the go.

By Bastian Hauck Founder, Adventure Diabetes


Posted on 26.10.2012

What’s the purpose of a diagnostic test?

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests are likely to be a part of everyone’s life, in many cases, more than once. Yet most people do not know what these tests are or what they do.

By Lluís Bohígas Santasusagna Director, Institutional Relations, Roche Diagnostics

Digital Regulation

Posted on 31.08.2012

Policy and regulation for innovation in mHealth

For the past two years, I have been working with great passion on the subject of mobile health (or mHealth), having set up the global mHealth programme of the GSMA – the organisation that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. I am therefore very pleased that the momentum for mHealth has really been building.

By Jeanine Vos Executive Director, Mobile Health at GSMA

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Business Value

Posted on 07.02.2012

Improving life, being cost-efficient and contributing to the EU’s economy – Rewarding Europe’s most innovative medtech companies

When UBM Canon decided to launch the MEDTEC EMDT Innovation Awards, the PIP implant affair was not front-page news. The organisers merely thought that the contributions made by Europe’s medical technology industry in ameliorating the human condition deserved recognition. But in the aftermath of the wall-to-wall coverage of the French breast implant scandal, it’s more important than ever to celebrate and trumpet the achievements of this remarkable industry.

By Norbert Sparrow Editor in Chief, EMDT, medtechinsider

home tele monitoring devices

Posted on 08.12.2010

The potential role of home monitoring devices in active and healthy ageing

As one of the baby boomers and firmly fingered with responsibility for both the healthcare funding and pensions crises, it is with a very personal interest that I look at emerging trends in care of the chronically sick and ageing. Age unfortunately means collecting co-morbidities, hopefully minor ones, and dealing with them in a way […]

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed


Posted on 11.03.2010

Today is World Kidney Day

The prominence of World Kidney Day (11th March) brings into sharp focus the changing epidemiology of our times and the impact of modern life styles of the developed world on the demands placed on healthcare systems. The surge in incidence of diabetes coupled with extending life expectancy are producing a parallel rise in the incidence […]

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed