Alain Nogaret


My research has two themes: low dimensional electron systems confined by microscopically inhomogeneous magnetic fields, and micromachined transmission lines that propagate electrical impulses and mimic biological nerve fibres. I have shown theoretically that spin resonance can be excited by injecting an electrical current through a magnetic field gradient and is currently seeking to detect its fluorescence emission in order to develop nanoscale wireless transceivers.

I also demonstrated the feasibility of propagating electrical impulses through non-linear semiconductor wires and am currently bulding neuron-like devices for applications in neural networks that compute temporal trains of discrete action potentials or ‘spikes’.

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smart pacemaker

Posted on 11.08.2014

Smart pacemaker adjusts your heartbeat with your breathing

Pacemakers help regulate slow or skipping heartbeats through electrical currents that run via leads to the heart. Since the first artificial one was implanted into Arne Larsson in 1958, modern pacemakers have become a bit smaller than the size of a matchbox, weighing around 20-50g. While current pacemakers run to a set pattern, we’re working […]

By Alain Nogaret Lecturer