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Mr. Schorr is Founder of Patient Power which owns patientpower.info and patientpower.eu websites and produces and syndicates news and empowerment video content for cancer patients worldwide. A medical journalist and two-time cancer survivor, he is also the chairman of the board of a non-profit, The Patient Empowerment Network, developing novels online and mobile applications for patients with chronic conditions.

He formerly founded HealthTalk.com in Seattle, USA and was a respected national television producer. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York. Mr, Schorr has lived in Barcelona for the past three years.

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Posted on 09.10.2014

If medtech wants to start attaching things to my body outside of the clinic, we better talk

The practice of medicine is meant to keep people well or help them get well so they can live a full, productive life. Technology provides tools toward that goal. It can help relieve pain and suffering or prevent it. But too often we get so excited about technology we lose sight of what’s really important, helping human beings live better. And when it comes to the millions of people living with chronic conditions, and now “chronic cancers”, we need to really understand their lives with an illness to know how technology can help.

By Andrew Schorr Founder