Bertin Nahum

CEO & Founder - MedTech

Engineering graduate, National Inst. Applied Sciences, Lyon. MSc in Robotic Science, Coventry Univ., UK. Founded Medtech in 2002 after 10 years in surgical robotics. His 1st robot, BRIGIT™, was for knee surgery. Launched the ROSA™ Brain neurosurgery robot in 2009. 4th in the Canadian review Discovery Series’ Top 10 Most Revolutionary Hi-tech Entrepreneurs and Legion of Honor in 2013. Named Dr. of Technology honoris causa by Coventry University, in 2014. ROSA™ Spine, devoted to minimally invasive spine surgery got the CE mark in 2014 and FDA clearance in 2016.

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Posted on 24.11.2016

Let’s share the future of health

Revolutionising and reinventing Medicine We are currently experiencing a great period of particularly stimulating technological breakthroughs. A great deal of progress is expected in practically all areas of our daily life: health, home, work, consumption, the environment… In the health sector alone, there are plenty of new inventions: you can manage your diabetes with a […]

By Bertin Nahum CEO & Founder - MedTech