Chris White

Christopher White

General Counsel, AdvaMed

Christopher L. White, Esq. is Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed). He manages AdvaMed’s Legal Committee to develop and promote legal policy positions enhancing patient access to medical technology.  Mr. White leads the Association’s working groups on compliance, Physician Payment Sunshine, and device tax implementation. He testified before the Senate Aging Committee on the Physician Payment Sunshine legislation, led the drafting team substantially revising the AdvaMed Code in 2008-2009, and leads AdvaMed’s Code of Ethics related programs and activities.  He led the negotiating team to draft the Kuala Lumpur Principles, harmonizing industry Codes of Ethics in Asia. As chief legal officer, he also provides counsel on contracts, corporate transactions, tax exemption, HR, and legislative and regulatory matters.  He serves as a frequent speaker and author on health care regulatory and fraud and abuse issues. 

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Posted on 26.03.2018

Swifter, Higher, Stronger: Promoting MedTech Ethics on the Global Stage

This blog is part of the GMTCC 2018 blog series. You can follow the conversation under #GMTCC and find more details and at Check out related blogs: How to create and maintain an ethical culture, Global Responsibility, Global Ethics and Compliance, Global Principles for MedTech Innovation, Progress and new challenges after 10 years of collaboration, Distributors play key role […]

By Christopher White General Counsel, AdvaMed


Posted on 26.04.2017

Two Major Privacy Challenges Facing Medtech Companies

I recently sat down with Peter Blenkinsop, a Partner at DrinkerBiddle, an expert on data privacy and one of the panelists at our upcoming GMTCC Conference (Amsterdam, May 3-4), to get his take on the biggest privacy law challenges currently facing Medtech companies. Peter pointed to two trends that are changing the Medtech sector and provided insight on how privacy […]

By Christopher White General Counsel, AdvaMed

GMTCC-banner HR

Posted on 04.04.2017

Building MedTech Compliance for Tomorrow

Each fall the two of us meet to discuss global healthcare legal and compliance developments and to assess implications on the medical technology industry, patient care and innovation. When we first began collaborating the iPhone was just invented (healthcare apps were unimaginable) and, since that time, quite a bit has changed! When we annually meet, […]

By Aline Lautenberg MedTech Europe, General Counsel - Director Legal & Compliance


Posted on 29.03.2017

Looking the Other Way: What About Upstream Corporate Considerations?

As a medtech lawyer, my focus naturally gravitates to assessing “downstream” relationships and risk; that is, analysis of the legal arrangements between manufacturers, distribution agents, and health care providers that together bring medical technologies to the patient’s bedside. These relationships can be complex, as are the legal issues they raise. But ensuring ethical standards in these relationships […]

By Christopher White General Counsel, AdvaMed

Ethics Value

Posted on 06.05.2014

Association-led compliance conferences: that’s where real change happens

As AdvaMed and Eucomed prepare for our next Global MedTech Compliance Conference May 20-22, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, I reflect on the remarkable policy outcomes attributed to our past conference discussions.  Our MedTech association-led compliance conferences offer a platform—not available in a commercial compliance conference—to spur discussion and best practices exchange among compliance leaders on […]

By Christopher White General Counsel, AdvaMed


Posted on 04.05.2011

How we in the U.S. see global compliance challenges for MedTech companies

AdvaMed and Eucomed are co-organizing the upcoming International Medical Device Industry Compliance Conference, taking place on 18-20 May in London. Both AdvaMed and Eucomed worked closely with our member companies to identify the hottest issues in medical device industry compliance today to shape a truly global, industry specific event. We also worked together to invite accomplished discussion leaders and moderators, and panel participants representing North American and European perspectives and experiences.

By Christopher White General Counsel, AdvaMed