Gozde Briggs

Programme Manager, European Patients'​ Forum

Gozde Briggs is a Programme Manager at the European Patients’ Forum, a-pan European Umbrella Patient Organisation, based in Brussels, where she leads the Data Saves Lives initiative and other health data and digital health-related EU projects. With previous experience as an Online Service Manager at an international organisation, Gozde is dedicated to using the power of health data and digital health technology to empower patients and improve healthcare.

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Posted on 25.10.2023

Decisions driven by health data: why access is the key to unlocking patient empowerment.

You only have to look at the popularity of wearable fitness-driven devices to know that there is an increasing appetite for one’s own data. Watches or rings that go beyond step count and measure heart rate variability, track sleep, monitor blood oxygen levels and so much more, have become a desirable accessory for the masses. […]

By Gozde Briggs Programme Manager, European Patients'​ Forum