Kevin Warwick

Emeritus Professor of Cybernetics - University of Reading

Kevin Warwick is Emeritus Professor at Reading and Coventry Universities. His main research areas are artificial intelligence, biomedical systems, robotics and cyborgs. He is frequently referred to as the world’s first Cyborg. Kevin is a Chartered Engineer who has published over 600 research papers. His experiments into implant technology led to him being featured as the cover story on the US magazine, ‘Wired’. He achieved the world’s first direct electronic communication between two human nervous systems, the basis for thought communication. Another project extended human sensory input to include ultrasonics. He also linked his nervous system with the internet in order to control a robot hand directly from his neural signals. He has been awarded higher doctorates (DSc) by Imperial College and the Czech Academy of Sciences. Kevin has been awarded Honorary Doctorates by 9 Universities.

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Posted on 25.11.2016

Blurring the lines between man and machine

Professor Kevin Warwick is pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and cyborg technologies How can artificial intelligence (AI ) improve healthcare? AI can be used to learn what is going on in different parts of the body and to predict problems. This gives us the power to prevent problems before they arise or to counteract […]

By Kevin Warwick Emeritus Professor of Cybernetics - University of Reading