Patrick Flochel

EMEIA Life Sciences Leader and Global Pharmaceutical Leader, E&Y

Patrick is responsible for EY’s strategy, thought leadership, learning and network development to best serve our clients in the life sciences industry globally. Patrick also serves as the Global Client Service Partner and senior advisory partner on a number of global pharmaceutical clients. He has served on various management and leadership positions at EY at global and EMEIA levels. He has had a long career in auditing and consulting, starting in 1979 in Paris and moving to Brussels in 1989 to lead EY EU Policy and Regulation team providing strategic advisory services to Fortune 500 companies in the industrial and financial sectors. He joined our Change Management practice in Paris in 1995 while setting up the French practice’s marketing and communications department and later moved to London as Global Vice-Chair for business development. Patrick Flochel is a frequent speaker at life sciences and healthcare related conferences and has contributed numerous articles on the industry in the trade and general press. Patrick Flochel has a Master’s degree from ESCP in Paris. 

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Who's afraid of the big bad data?
Business Digital

Posted on 08.10.2013

Who’s afraid of the big bad data?

Two years ago in our annual report on the medtech sector, Pulse of the industry, we warned that the sector was facing a perfect storm, caused by a general shift toward value-based care, growing regulatory pressure in the US and limited resources as a result of a global downturn. Those events came to pass, with the added complication of tougher new regulatory issues in Europe. It was time, we felt, in this year’s report to see how the sector is weathering the storm.

By Patrick Flochel EMEIA Life Sciences Leader and Global Pharmaceutical Leader, E&Y