EuroMedLab 2015: Placing patients in charge of their health

  • Posted on 06.05.2015

EuroMedLab 2015: Placing patients in charge of their health


Damien Gruson

Head, Department of Laboratory Medicine, St-Luc University Hospital


The way we look at healthcare is changing. 

Personalised diagnostics is bringing management of health into the hands of the patients.  This was one of the recurrent themes at this year’s South by Southwest event held in Austin, Texas.

Numerous events have highlighted the importance of diagnostics and the movement towards self-empowerment. Through wearable devices, mobile apps and the likes, patients are increasingly gathering large amounts of valuable health information on factors such as blood pressure, glucoses level, and pulse. This is driving patients to take charge of their health and the medical technology industry has an important role to play in this discussion.

Image credit: Philips Healthcare, Health technology trends

Additionally, the new individually gathered data calls for an increased focus on consumer needs in medical technology, integrating apps and mobile technology to fit patients’ everyday lives.

So what does this shift towards consumer engagement mean for the MedTech industry?

You can find the answer to this question and more at this year’s EuroMedLab Congress taking place on June 21-25 2015 in Paris. Consumerisation of care will be addressed through various discussions on the need to engage patients and care givers’ involvement in laboratory results, as well as the use of laboratory science for the use of individualize diabetes care or other chronic diseases will be further deliberated.

See you in Paris. 

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