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Posted on 12.07.2016

Home dialysis: towards a better quality of life for patients

What is your day-to-day work like? How do you help improve or save people’s lives through your work? I am in charge of a home dialysis program in Helsinki. In my department, we take care of the education and training of patients to prepare them for therapy. In Finland, we have been active in this […]

By Dr. Virpi Rauta Nephrologist, Helsinki University Central Hospital


Posted on 09.03.2016

World Kidney Day advocates for access to prevention and treatment of kidney disease for all children worldwide

Tomorrow, 10th of March, we celebrate World Kidney Day. Around the world, doctors, nurses, patients and the general public have an opportunity to highlight the importance of kidney disease prevention, as well as the added value of screening for early signs of kidney disease. This year, the focus of World Kidney Day is kidney disease […]

By Luca Segantini Executive director, the International Society of Nephrology


Posted on 04.11.2014

Should policymakers care about dialysis? Yes.

Throughout the EU, Member States are looking for ways to provide patient-centred care to maximize clinical outcomes and improve cost-effectiveness for healthcare systems. For many countries, this means re-organisation of how care is delivered and in some cases general cost-cutting to sustain the system. So, when policymakers are faced with difficult decisions about how to maintain quality of care within a resource constrained system why is it that they should care about dialysis?

By Peter Rutherford Medical Director


Posted on 11.03.2010

Today is World Kidney Day

The prominence of World Kidney Day (11th March) brings into sharp focus the changing epidemiology of our times and the impact of modern life styles of the developed world on the demands placed on healthcare systems. The surge in incidence of diabetes coupled with extending life expectancy are producing a parallel rise in the incidence […]

By John Wilkinson Former Chief Executive of Eucomed