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Posted on 13.06.2023

AMR pandemic: rising to the challenge with medical technologies

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is now on the political agenda like never before. The WHO has called AMR a ‘silent pandemic’. The issue has been discussed by the G7 and it is among the priorities highlighted in the mission letter sent by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to the Commissioner responsible for health, Stella […]

By Miriam D’Ambrosio Senior Manager Communications, MedTech Europe


Posted on 22.11.2021

AMR action plans – what are we missing?

The recent pandemic has bluntly exposed some of the gaps in our healthcare systems across Europe and one thing stuck with me the most: we were not prepared. In many ways, we can think of this as a test run of how the world responds to large-scale healthcare crises. There are more complex threats ahead, […]

By Johanna Engelage Team Leader of Marketing Urinalysis at Sysmex Europe GmbH


Posted on 19.04.2021

Healthcare’s future starts now

As the old saying goes, making predictions can be difficult – especially about the future. If you need evidence of this, think how you might have answered the question ‘Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?’ if you had been asked in 2016.  But while the pandemic has delivered a harsh lesson in […]

By Stuart Silk Board Member MedTech Europe


Posted on 05.08.2019

Green is the new Black: Embracing sustainable health

Environmental actions to tackle climate change are rightfully gaining space in the EU and national policy agenda. We are exceeding the Earth’s capacity, reaching the limits of growth on a finite planet. Looking at our economy, it is clear to me that healthcare is part of the problem and must become part of the solution. […]

By Damien Gruson Head of Clinical Biochemistry, Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc


Posted on 17.05.2017

World Health Assembly kicks off next week

The world’s highest health policy-setting body, World Health Assembly (WHA), is set to hold its 70th annual meeting in Geneva from 22-31 May 2017. It is here that health ministers from the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) 194 member states will review the WHO’s work, set new goals and assign new tasks. Delegates at #WHA70 are […]

By Karen Finn Freelance writer, editor

Tony Seidl

Posted on 06.04.2017

Incredible technologies hailed on World Parkinson’s Day

What is Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease is one of a group of conditions called motor system disorders. Though the cause is unknown, Parkinson’s occurs when a person’s body doesn’t produce enough of the brain chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate movement and emotional responses. Worldwide, 6 million people suffer from Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s isn’t fatal, […]


Posted on 22.03.2017

Revolutionising water, sanitation & hygiene

We drink it, cook with it, wash with it, farm and manufacture with it, bring babies into the world with it and save lives with it. We can’t survive without it. So what can we do about the 663 million people around the world who are without access to safe, clean water? In honour of […]

By Karen Finn Freelance writer, editor

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Posted on 15.03.2017

Showcasing laboratory game-changers at the largest healthcare conferences in the world

The 2017 Arab Health Exhibition & Congress and MEDLAB 2017 in Dubai were a celebration of healthcare innovation, with 4,400 of the world’s leading healthcare companies from 70 countries attending the events. We, at Siemens Healthineers, were excited to showcase our pioneering spirit and engineering expertise, as well as the many diagnostic solutions we deliver […]

By Donna Woodall Sr. Director, Global Marketing, Laboratory Diagnostics at Siemens Healthineers


Posted on 21.02.2017

From over-testing to over-treatment – exploring pros and cons of screening programmes

The argument has raged for some time and shows no sign of abating any time soon: screening for diseases, yes or no? Take the case of prostate cancer screening: Richard Ablin – the author of “The Great Prostate Hoax”, and the man who claims to be the first to have identified PSA (a protein created […]

By Denis Horgan Executive Director, European Alliance for Personalised Medicine