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Posted on 12.10.2021

How can orthopaedic waiting lists be tackled?

Over the last 18 months, many hospitals were forced to postpone elective surgeries to make room for COVID-19 critical care. In the UK alone, 100,000 people had their joint replacement procedures cancelled during first wave, leaving them with untreated pain and mobility challenges. More than one-third of those waiting for a total knee or hip […]

By Torbjorn Skold Vice President EMEA DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction

Bones, Joints & Muscles

Posted on 01.04.2020

5 ways innovation is changing orthopaedics

Innovation is the driving force behind the evolution of orthopaedics, continually delivering advances in surgical techniques and products. Now, technology improvements and data open up a world of new possibilities. Here are the top 5 areas where I believe innovation is transforming the field.  1.  Co-creation: addressing unmet clinical, demographic and environmental needs We already […]

By Martyn Inwood Vice President DePuy Synthes EMEA


Posted on 04.06.2018

How digital technologies will reshape musculoskeletal healthcare

Digital technologies provide an opportunity to move musculoskeletal care to the heart of value-based healthcare. MedTech Views spoke to Satschin Bansal of Zimmer Biomet about some of the innovations that will change the field. Will digital health deliver the Holy Grail of better results for patients and better value for health systems? The technologies we […]

By Satschin Bansal Satschin Bansal - Senior Director, Head Signature Solutions EMEA, Zimmer Biomet

Bones, Joints & Muscles

Posted on 03.10.2017

Walking away from arthritis

 Roy Parker was not going to let arthritis interfere with the ‘golden years’ of retirement. When the joint condition became progressively worse in both his knees over the three years after retirement, he decided to see his doctor. “Instead of being able to use the additional time to enjoy outdoor pursuits like mountain biking and […]

By Karen Finn Freelance writer, editor


Posted on 30.11.2015

How being mobile again can help health systems. Patients have known for a long time. Everybody else will know now.

Representatives of Health Authorities and Payers seem to have mixed feelings about orthopaedic implants. They all know someone in their immediate environment who has had a new knee or a new hip and who is very satisfied with it. They also know that these people have regained their quality of life after a long period […]

By Renaat Vermeulen Chair Eucomed Orthopaedic Sector Group

healthcare design medtech quick fixes

Posted on 25.06.2014

Should healthcare be quick fixes driven?

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, normally develop when an area of the body is under pressure for a relatively long time. I experienced pressure ulcers first hand when I was recovering from a spontaneous spinal cord haemorrhage in 2009. My first encounter with pressure ulcers was when I spent months on end on a wheelchair with no mobility. It was a painful journey I endured as a result of quick fixes rather than established protocol.

By Hylke Sieders An avid sports fan and survivor

MedTech at the World Cup

Posted on 11.06.2014

The Value of MedTech at the World Cup and the Super Bowl

Tonight, Brazil and Croatia will kick off what promises to be a great month for football fans the world over. And what will make it extra special for us in the MedTech industry is that the first kick will be given by a paralysed teenager. This remarkable feat is made possible thanks to an exo-skeleton […]

By Serge Bernasconi Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe

Lady Gaga
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Posted on 27.03.2013

Lady Gaga’s hip – From Born This Way to Torn This Way

Just Dance. People love dancing, whether it be for fun, as a workout or professionally as a dancer performing choreographies with great passion in front of an audience. This passion has resulted in a hip surgery for Lady Gaga, the American singer-songwriter known for such hits as Bad Romance, Poker Face, and – appropriately – Just Dance. For fans all over the world, the hip fracture was a synonym for cancelled concerts and missed opportunities to meet their idol. But why did this happen so suddenly? Why did we not hear about her problems earlier?

By Krystel van Hoof Eucomed, Communications Trainee

Philippe Croizon
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Posted on 07.03.2013

Quadruple amputee makes history…twice

When Philippe Croizon broke his first world record by swimming across all four intercontinental channels in August 2012 he declared “I’ve got no big challenges in the near future but “never say never””. Here we are, only a few months later with yet another great achievement…

And what an achievement! As a big sports fan I have been trying to follow exemplary sportsmen, especially those whose lives have intersected with medical technology.

By Nadia Frittella Communications Professional & former Eucomed Communications Trainee