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Posted on 14.03.2024

Building resilient healthcare systems in Europe

MedTech Europe Manifesto: The EU has a key role in preparing for future challenges, from AMR and climate to global trade distortions and supply chain disruption  European health systems have faced severe stress tests in recent years, revealing some of the strengths and weaknesses of our services and institutions. Learning from this experience will be […]

By Oliver Bisazza Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe

Posted on 27.04.2023

Join us in Dublin for The MedTech Forum 2023

More than 1,500 industry leaders will discuss the biggest issues facing our sector The countdown has begun. At the end of May, leading thinkers and decision-makers from across the medical technology sector will descend on the Irish capital city for Europe’s leading medtech industry event from 30 May to 1 June. Organised by MedTech Europe, […]


Posted on 17.03.2021

MedTech Slovenia: building the future together

  The next chapter in the story of Slovenia’s medical technology industry has begun – and it is being co-written by leaders from the in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices sectors. SIEDMA and SLO-MED have formally merged to become MedTech Slovenia. Together, we are combining our expertise to speak for our diverse industry with one voice. […]

By Peter Bratusek President, MedTech Slovenija


Posted on 15.03.2021

VIP access: a proposal for a new model for embracing healthcare innovation

High-value innovations in care delivery play an essential role in solving the challenges facing Europe’s health system. However, ensuring adoption and uptake of new technology solutions is far from simple. Current reimbursement and access models have served Europe well but are now reaching their limit in ensuring timely patient access to truly cutting-edge technologies and […]

By Lieven Annemans Senior Full Professor of Health Economics at the Faculties of Medicine at Ghent University and Brussels University, Belgium

Value Based Procurement

Posted on 03.11.2020

Current trends in tendering innovation at risk

Medical technology procurement must focus on quality if it is to deliver value Tenders for medical devices across Europe are increasingly focused on price only. This is one of the key findings of a recent analysis “Tendering Medical Devices in Europe – Strategy & Implications for Pricing” that we conducted on tenders from 2016 to […]

By Luca Morreale Head of Operations at BASE life science


Posted on 14.09.2020

Why COVID-19 makes value-based healthcare more critical than ever?

Healthcare should put patients at the heart of decision-making, while delivering benefits for society as efficiently as possible. This, I believe, was clear before the pandemic. However, the additional strain under which our systems must operate at present, as well as additional demands for resources, make the case for value-based healthcare (VBHC) stronger than ever […]

By Christophe Duhayer Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices France


Posted on 17.07.2020

The rise of the humble medical mask

This blog is part of a blog series that showcases the medtech role in the different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read here more COVID-19 related blogs. More info on MedTech Europe’s info hub.  The medical mask was a product once taken for granted, but now is being recognised as a vital tool for public health. […]

By Hans Bax Senior Advisor MEAT Value-Based Procurement

R&I in medtech shaping Europe’s heathcare and economyb
Research & Innovation

Posted on 22.05.2020

Closing the innovation loop: how start-ups can show value

One of my great frustrations is to see start-ups fall at the final hurdle. Too many early-stage companies with promising innovations spend their energy – and funds – answering crucial questions about the safety and effectiveness of their products, only to find that they have no answers to the additional questions asked by payers.   […]

By Furio Gramatica Director of Development & Innovation at Don Gnocchi Foundation

Value Based Procurement

Posted on 02.03.2020

Can procurement unlock value-based healthcare?

In recent years, there has been increasing attention on how we can address the biggest challenges in healthcare: variation in patient outcomes, unsustainable cost increases, and low-value care. As populations age and the rates of chronic diseases rise, we have no choice but to rethink how we get value from healthcare spending.  In January, MedTech […]

By Hans Bax Senior Advisor MEAT Value-Based Procurement