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Posted on 22.03.2022

Listening to patients drives innovation in heart health

Advances in cardiac medical technology save lives every day. But how can future innovations meet the needs of today’s patients even more? By engaging not only with clinicians but also with patients and people at risk of cardiovascular events, our sector is ensuring that advances in technology focus on their quality of life. For example, […]

By Virginie Delage Patient Engagement Manager for the Cardiac Rhythm Management & Cardiovascular Diagnostics & Services businesses of Medtronic in Western Europe


Posted on 17.07.2020

The rise of the humble medical mask

This blog is part of a blog series that showcases the medtech role in the different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read here more COVID-19 related blogs. More info on MedTech Europe’s info hub.  The medical mask was a product once taken for granted, but now is being recognised as a vital tool for public health. […]

By Hans Bax Senior Advisor MEAT Value-Based Procurement


Posted on 18.01.2018

To beat the hackers, we need to design secure medical devices

Roman Lysecky is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona. He is a speaker at the MedTech Forum 2018 and his session include: Becoming Hackproof in MedTech on Thursday 25th of January. For more information go to the MTF website and follow #MTF2018 on Twitter.               […]

By Roman Lysecky Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Arizona

Tony Seidl

Posted on 06.04.2017

Incredible technologies hailed on World Parkinson’s Day

What is Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease is one of a group of conditions called motor system disorders. Though the cause is unknown, Parkinson’s occurs when a person’s body doesn’t produce enough of the brain chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate movement and emotional responses. Worldwide, 6 million people suffer from Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s isn’t fatal, […]


Posted on 08.06.2016

To innovate we must collaborate: European MedTech Week 2016

The medical technology industry creates over half a million different products, from pacemakers and artificial hips to condoms and pregnancy tests. Despite the impact these products have on millions of people of all ages every day, medtech is still a little known and often misunderstood sector. With European MedTech Week now in its second year, […]

By Peter Ellingworth Chief Executive of the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI)


Posted on 07.10.2015

‘Medtech Discoveries’ – come face-to-face with medical innovation

Big news: I am excited to announce that MedTech Europe will be holding its first interactive exhibition on the European Parliament’s esplanade next month. ‘MedTech Discoveries’ will run from 9 to 12 November, showcasing the world of medical technologies and its value to people. Join us to find out what medtech is all about. What […]

By Tanja Valentin Director External Affairs, MedTech Europe


Posted on 10.06.2015

How medtech is changing future healthcare

Technological marvels in medical technology are arriving, and they will transform the entire healthcare chain It is not always easy to see a change occurring when it is happening right in front of you, so even those with long years of experience in healthcare might not recognise that the sector is currently undergoing a transformation […]

By Rob ten Hoedt Chairman & Board Member, MedTech Europe

smart pacemaker

Posted on 11.08.2014

Smart pacemaker adjusts your heartbeat with your breathing

Pacemakers help regulate slow or skipping heartbeats through electrical currents that run via leads to the heart. Since the first artificial one was implanted into Arne Larsson in 1958, modern pacemakers have become a bit smaller than the size of a matchbox, weighing around 20-50g. While current pacemakers run to a set pattern, we’re working […]

By Alain Nogaret Lecturer

Clinical Evidence for medical devices
Access Regulation Value

Posted on 22.05.2014

Let’s close clinical loopholes for devices and not just ‘wallpaper over the cracks’

We’re right in the middle of a year of change in the EU. Europe has begun voting and EU politics may look quite different as a result. New things and new faces may be on the horizon but that doesn’t mean that work has stopped on a file of great importance to the Union’s more […]

By Serge Bernasconi Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe